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The Bluebird Express at Mount Snow, Vermont
©Mount Snow; Bluebird Express

Chasing First Tracks from Brooklyn: December means Ski Season

December means one thing for many Brooklynites. Ski season is here.

The first trip of the ski season is always a high point of the beginning of the winter season. For our first trip we decided to go back to Mount Snow, the southernmost of Vermont's large ski resorts, located 229 miles from Brooklyn.

With 80% snowmaking capabilities, Mount Snow has a high probability for great early season conditions. After last season's disappointing snowfall, we were hoping for a better start to this year's trips.

Mount Snow delivered.

Arriving in West Dover, Vermont, on Friday night, we pulled into the Kitzhof Inn on Route 100 in the Mount Snow base area just a 1/4 mile from the lifts. The 24 bedroom inn was built in 1958 in an Alpine style and is run by Simon and Alison, the fourth owners who took over in September 2005.

Their English hospitality is evident throughout your stay. Simon's breakfasts were phenomenal and Alison was the perfect hostess. The charm of the common areas with enticing artwork throughout, a fabulous hot tub, and even retro computer games.

On Saturday, we awoke to 2" of snow which felt like a blizzard after last season. It increased the excitement as we booted up and made our way to the lifts for our first runs on Mount Snow's freshly groomed terrain.

  Eliza and Mark Phillips at the Kitzhof Inn in West Dover, Vermont
The First Ski visitors of the seaon at the Kitzhof Inn!

Hopping on the Bluebird Express, the high speed six-passenger bubble lift whisked us to the summit in seven minutes. The enclosed lift was a godsend on the windy ride to the top. We rode the bubble at the end of last season at The Canyons in Park City, Utah, during a blizzard (in comfort) and were ecstatic to find the system operating on our first day at Mount Snow.

At the summit, the venerable first run trail, Long John, was open and in perfect shape. The two-mile long green trail leads to a plethora of secondary trails in all skiing levels. Unfortunately, this first day had limited terrain, but what was available was almost perfect.

For our ski team from Blandford Ski Area in Massachusetts, it was the perfect pre-season gathering for our competitors. Blandford, located just 162 miles from Brooklyn, is our home mountain. Located at the edge of the Berkshire Mountains, our opening day is projected for December 15th (weather permitting). With a shorter season, our team travels to the snow as early and as much as possible. (Read about Blandford by clicking here)

As December progresses, the search for snow is on. For those with midweek availability, Mount Snow is offering a special event on December 12th. Founders' Day celebrates Walter Schoenknecht, the National Ski Areas Association Hall of Fame member, whose vision led to the founding of Mount Snow. The first 1,000 ticket buyers for that day will pay just $12 for lift tickets. You have to buy your $12 ticket online. At the ticket window on Dec 12th, the price will be higher, much higher. Click here to reserve your ticket.

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