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1295) Mark Phillips-SBNAdministrator
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The passwords are simple.

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Louise 9-10-2006 06:32 AM
Thanks Mark

madeline faiella 9-10-2006 11:20 AM
1294) Louise
Red Hook
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Help!!! Mark, do you mean our secret (:<) password? I put it in and can't get on, it tells me that it is invalid? How will I get on if that is not it? Did we have other passwords on the site? This is the only one I know. Louise
1293) Mark Phillips-SBNAdministrator
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Our guestbook came under attack from spammers yesterday in an unprecedented attack. Over 300 spam messages were placed by a company in Bulgaria. As of today, all messages AND comments require a password. We will be changing it regularly. It will show on the comment submit page and you will need to enter it prior to submission.

Watch for big changes coming to the site next week as we finally add our neighborhood forums! And be sure to visit our booth at the Atlantic Antic on September 17th.
1292) BarbsKid
Brooklyn, NY
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Does anyone know when "Old Timers Day" is this year at the VFW Post on Van Brunt Street?

Louise **Red Hook** 9-9-2006 07:07 PM
Hi BarbsKid...go to post 1270 and you can read all about the "Big Day" in Red Hook. It should be a lot of fun.

Francis 9-9-2006 09:29 PM
Go to post 1266

Louise 9-10-2006 06:36 AM
Hi BarbsKid....I think age is taking its toll, hahaha. The post is 1263, where I got the other# is beyond me. Sorry and I hope it is right this time. Louise

BarbsKid 9-10-2006 09:24 AM
Thanks for the info!

Francis 9-10-2006 02:17 PM
The reason that there has been several post reference numbers is that the reference number changes as time goes by.
1291) sheila murphy
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I've just discovered the site and it's wonderful.I'm only sorry I didn't find it before my mother and aunt passed away. Both loved to talk about old Brooklyn.

I was born in LIC Hopital in 1939 and was a 5th generation "pointer". We did flirt early on with "The Creek". My Great Grandfather, who was a boilermaker, built a house on the corner of Lorraine & Hicks.The Lorraine St. house was demolished for the projects.

We later lived on Wolcott St. On a recent visit I stopped in at "Hope & Anchor" which is in the building where my maternal Grandfather lived upon arriving in the US. Sitting in the window I could look across to Christ Chapel, where I was baptized & PS 30's where I went to school. Amazing to see the neighborhood now being so appreciated.

Noticed an earlier posting mentioning
"Pinky". She was somewhat older but I did occassionaly play with her. I have a memory of a relative of hers called Mrs.
Milady...a teacher? I have photos of both Pinky & her Aunt Mary MacGregor.
They were "Chapel" folk.

Anyone remember my family? The Nuttalls,
Houghs, Abbotts, "Turk" Murphy, Gene Murphy, Jack Byrne, Hennier Wulff??

I have a photo of PS 30, class 3-2 1947
anyone want a copy. My grandmother wrote the names of subjects on back,(with a guess at some spellings) if you think you might be there check with me.


madeline faiella 9-9-2006 12:28 PM
to one and all
does anyone remeber when A&S
dept store useto have a
fishing contest at prospect
park for the biggest cat fish?
last month i passed the park and to my surprize, they still have it boy it took me back
lol :} i never did won a fishing pole lol
1290) Tina B 
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9-8-2006 10:02 PM  Write a comment

Everybody praises Sinatra - but lets not forget Dean Martin.

John I. From First place 9-9-2006 06:23 AM
Tina lets not forget dean buttttt, Frank was the leader of the pack lets not forget that.Their pics all hang in Punchys restaurant on Columbia Street in Carol Gardens, great food and entertainment too on Friday and saturdays usually. try it you'll like it

jack benny 9-10-2006 07:03 PM
is that the same punchy that's married to lottie she was one of the maniero girls from raypele st.
1289) tom casale
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to donnie amorosa
yes donnie im the carpenter from loc. used to be 257.sorry i cant place you were you from cats alley?

Donnie A 9-12-2006 09:04 AM
I worked with you several times
employer was G&M Installers. You had foot surgery at the time.Also around the time you were thinking about GC'ing your nephews commercial building down on Canal St area
1288) Michele
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I grew up in Red Hook (The Point) during the 60’s. Whenever I would say I was from Red Hook some people would put their nose up. I find it to be hilarious how everyone wants to be from Red Hook now. Maybe it is because some property is going for a million +. Now for some reason people say they’re from there.

I was and always will be proud to say that I grew up in Red Hook. 96 Pioneer Street to be exact. On the other hand I am happy that Carroll Gardens is now part of Red Hook. After all it always was, until someone decided to change the name. I don’t remember when the name change occurred. I do believe it was in the 60’s or early 70’s.

madeline faiella 9-8-2006 07:29 PM
you don't know who help change the names around, it was from what i hear was michael piece, scotto, and all the big shots up
on court street lol not so funny now we cant afford to live there anymore
read back pages to see who was behind the name changes

John I. from first place 9-9-2006 06:27 AM
Michele ur right Carol gardens was also part of red hook, the name change was prompted my Buddy scotto of scotto's funeral home and Mike Pesce who at that time was assemblymen for the district, he now is court judge.They wanted to up the prices on the houses there in carol gardens which were selling very cheap at the time but brother, its another story now u cant touch them for less than 1.5 million each.

cindy 9-9-2006 07:37 AM
bravo too you people get old thier memory fades
1287) Jack C. DiBenedetto
Sout Flroida
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This is for Donnie Amorosa. Were you in my eight grade Class with Brother Gavin (you Forgot!).

Donnie amorosa 9-8-2006 02:25 PM
I just emailed you 2 secs ago lol wow. Yes I am. Tommy puleo is going to mail me a copy of the 66 class photo. Remember George Wallace how he use to bob his head.And the laughs we had with Michael Camalelli. As for Brot Gavin well I heard something that I cant mention on this forum and sincerely hope it wasnt true

Donnie A 9-8-2006 02:34 PM
I bumped into Brother DeAngelis a few yrs ago at a I couldnt believe seeing him again literally gave me the shakes. the memories of this 90 yr old + all came rushing back. He made Brother Dominic look like a paddycake. hey i heard that Brot Carmine married one of the nuns in St Marys.

Class of 1968 9-8-2006 03:23 PM
Brother Dominick was caught wearing letter pants in the village
> He gave us plenty of beatings

madeline faiella 9-8-2006 07:25 PM
jack c. dibenendetto,
are you related to the old lawyer di benedetto acrooss from p.s. 58's on smith st ?

gail quam brooks 9-9-2006 03:51 PM
hey jack this is gail quam from the alley( dennett pl.) do you remember me??????

Anrhony 9-9-2006 05:00 PM
Hey Gail, this is Anthony from third place. Do you remember me?

ANTHONY 9-9-2006 05:02 PM
It just came to me. That summer in cats alley. You,Francine,Annette RosanneI think I got it.Joe and Eddie.

dorothy s.i. 9-9-2006 06:19 PM
to donnie a, remember bro. De angelis callin evryone a FAKER. caught us shootin crap in st marys crap and beat the hell out of us. bro. Ivo was then principle. he came to our defense. matty walsh took care of band, his sis was a teacher in st marys. they lived on 2nd st. anyone remember them

dotty s.i. 9-9-2006 06:21 PM
donnie, i am laffin my head off. i wasnt shootin crap in the park , it was my husband
1286) Tommy B. 
S.I. N.Y.
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9-8-2006 12:20 PM  Write a comment

Hi Madeline B.& Gail Quam, I'm trying to help you both out, so if you read this go to box 1229 & read my comments. Regards!
1285) Kathryn (O'Connor) Hilbert
Mystic, CT
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This is for Lou Viegas.... Yes it is a beautiful place now (the monastery), my family would go there for Christmas eve mass. I got a chance to go through the building after Hobart sold it! I have to ask, what were those big ceramic things in the back of the house, they looked like they came out of war of the worlds. You went to high school there – I never knew it was a high school! The road you take to get there is route 14, it twists and turns, and at the bottom is Glenwood Cemetery, Hobart’s art dept occupies a house there Houghton House, at the top is Geneva on the Lake!

Cosgrove’s is a little before my time, what was there special dish? I lived off of Hamilton (on Argyle) so we went to the dairy up the street. Did you hang out with anyone from Geneva, any names come to mind? Thanks again for your reply, Kathryn

Lou Viegas 9-8-2006 07:12 PM
Hi Kathryn,.... It is a beautiful place,, As to the ceramic thing, can you describe a little better? I haven't been there in almost 50 years! The word among us kids was the place belonged to a rich guy who was a pagan and he had these pagan statues and stuff. I remember big urns and stuff, but not sure what you refer to. Were the Capuchin (Franciscans) still there when you attended mass? Also, were the murals still in the chapel? Route 14 at that point was called "Loughlin Road"! As to Cosgroves, it was a dairy that had the best ice cream. Their specialty was a giant ice cream called the "Pig's dinner" I think they had a sign outide with a pig on it. Only local I remember was the D'Amicos. The father worked around the school at times doing repairs etc. They had a cute daughter around my age named Sylvia.
1284) Florence Thompson/Gunsett
New Paltz, New York
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Help. We lived on Conover Street and left years ago, around 1963. I've been down to visit the Ratajczyks and Tillie Dellaporte over the past years. My brother is visiting from England and we would like to come down to see the old neighborhood. We would like to know the best time for doing the tourist bit. Weekdays or weekends? Info on the NY water taxi or anything else would be appreciated. I am 76 now and this computer leaves me confused trying to get info from one point of information to the other.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Flo Goodemote

Joe Ross 9-8-2006 04:11 PM
Hi Florence, Weekends are better, because the roads leading to Red Hook during the week, can cause nervous breakdowns.The tennis courts are now mini-farms! Dikeman, & Dwight, have a new "DYCKMAN Towers". The Columbia St. piers are brand new. On a Sat., there might be a cruise ship docked. The highlight might be a walk thru the new FAIRWAY store, at the foot of Van Brunt. Halfway in to the store is a cafe, with seating outside, where you can see old trolleys on tracks, & ferries, container ships, & the Statue of Liberty, in the beautiful bay. I've been on the water taxi,(it leaves from behind Fairway), but do not know the schedule. Away from Dwight & dikeman, & past Van Brunt, the streets are often the same cobblestones as of the past. Good Luck. 9-8-2006 05:05 PM
I also lived on Conover St.
till '63. I guess you knew that Mrs. Ratajczyk passed away last July. Tillie Dellaporte is doing good last I heard.

I took my grandchildren down the Hook to take a ride on the Water Taxi (on a Thursday) only to find out that it only runs on weekends.

I take a ride down at least once a month to go to Mass at Visitation and I always leave with mixed emotions. I miss it terribly, but don't know if I would want to live there any more.

Good luck in all your endeavors and enjoy your brothers visit.

Marcella Ambery (Kenneke)

PS: Did you have a brother Bobby? 9-9-2006 09:55 AM
My husband grew up at 209 Conover Street. The family name is Keeler. 9-9-2006 11:59 AM
e. Keeler:

I remember a Keeler family living on Conover between Coffey and Van Dyke Street. I think Jerry was the oldest and 2 younger brothers?

Same family?

madeline faiella 9-9-2006 12:09 PM
florece thomason
i love new platz i have friends up there in highland someday when i go up maybe we can get together and chew the fat lol :] 9-9-2006 04:59 PM
Marcella 1803
Yes you have the right family. Jerry is the oldest, then there is Michael, and Eddie (Skipper). I am married to Skippy. My mother-in-law Jitsey, passed away fifteen years ago. She was a wonderful person and I still miss her.

Sheila Murphy 9-11-2006 05:37 AM
Was Richie Keeler asmember of the family. My Aunt dated and was quite serious about Richie just before WWII. Things then changed.
My Aunt-Margie Hough passed away two years ago.
1283) Mark Phillips-SBNAdministrator
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9-7-2006 06:42 PM  Write a comment Send E-mail

I guess I have to start policing the site. These petty personal attacks will be removed from the site. This has been a pleasant location for people to communicate. It is going back to that as of now. If you do not identify yourselves, you will be removed. If you do it more than once, I will block your address. Please do not write in all caps. It is overwhelming. If you do not like what someone wrote, don't respond. There is room for everyone here.

Lou Viegas 9-7-2006 08:27 PM
Thanks Mark.

madeline faiella 9-8-2006 09:22 AM
thanks , enought is enough with these people

Old Timer 9-8-2006 12:05 PM
I guess that is the END of the Red Hookers you don't see anymore hear, what a shame you are right Mark you should shut it down

Bill 9-8-2006 01:47 PM
Old Timer..Help me to understand what your saying, Say you go into your local bar, and no one you know is there, do you turn to the bartender and tell him to close it down? Tell everyone there, having a good time to leave, because your friends aren't there. Whats that all about? It's not our fault your friends aren't posting on the site. Sorry old timer its not your way or the highway.

John I. From First place 9-9-2006 06:32 AM
Mark please dont shut down the site, dont listen to Old timer or anyone else that is aparty pooper and wants a nice or good thing to end.Dont let the good pay for the bad as a result.

Tina 9-9-2006 09:19 AM
For Old Timer,
Identifying your self as "Old Timer" is it because of your age or the years you spent in Red Hook. Unfortunately, we cannot stop time or change from happening, so why not make a choice to enjoy this web site for its memories whether they belong to the "Old Red Hookers" or the "Newcomers" instead of complaining and stating that Mark should shut down this site simply because it isn't what you think it should be. Maybe the "ORH" have run out of stories to write about. Again, instead of complaining get involved and submit your memories for the "N" to read and enjoy.

Esther Garbelotto 9-9-2006 05:35 PM
Dear Mark, It's a shame that some bad apples make it rotten for everyone. It would be a great loss is this site did not continue. It has been such a wonderful place for not only family and friends to touch base, but a place to view photo's and happenings in and around the hook. I persoanlly want to thank you for your hard work and effort and keeping this site family friendly. Blessings are your head my friend.
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Post 1258

Madeline Faiella.

Dear Miss Madeline... About The Rags To Riches Song. I Feel Very Good That My Lyrics Were Of Some Value To You. Is This Not What This Site Is All About Or Am I Wrong. God Bless You Mother And Father The Memory Was A Good One I Believe. Get It &Quot;I Believe&Quot; We Are Back To Frankie.
How Could Someone Slam That Post I Don't Get It.
This Guy Must Be A Middle Management Bank Retiree. Am I Right Mr. Unhappy. Tell The Truth.
Billy D. You Comment To Mr.Unhappy
Honestly I Was Pleased You Did Not Just Roll Over For Him And At The Same Time When I Worked Up My Last Post (Slamming Him Back) While Being Worked Up Myself I Said To Myself &Quot;How Will Bill Take This&Quot; Blurb. Honestly

You Are The Chairman Of The Board Heee And The Station Chief.

Am I Off Base. What Do You Say

Yes I Can Be Curt But I Really Am Not.Only When Someone Insinuates Or Outright Calls What I Just Put Out As Being Garbage.

Nasty Works Both Ways.

Best Regards


Ps: Bill How Do You Just Add On To Someones Post Comments Without Going Into A Full Style Like This ... For Lack Of A Better Way To Put It.

Appreciate Your Guidance.

CONFUSED 9-7-2006 05:33 PM

Bill 9-7-2006 08:03 PM
Hey Ben....There nothing wrong with what you post, thats why I didn't get what unhappy was so unhappy about. Its nothing your doing. I enjoy your posts. You can reply to a post by going up to the top of this column, see that pad and pencil( sort of) just click on that and it will creat a space to write a reply. Take care, again Ben I don't know what Unhappy is talking about either.

Bill 9-7-2006 08:38 PM
Ben...If someone gets it your face you get it theirs..if you didn't you wouldn't be a Brooklynite. I wouldn't expect anything less. And Sinatra is the Man.

madeline faiella 9-8-2006 07:53 AM
ben butler
thanks i already have my 45's and i do listen to them

ben butler 9-9-2006 05:45 PM
Frankley I found you comments
amusing but at the same time somewhat confusing.
Can you suggest some text books we can study to improve our Englisd Vocabulary in our efforts to communicate at your obvious higher linquistic level.Please advise soonest

We from Booklyn...member.
Be nice and be real.
1281) tom casale
spring hill florida
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to john I
john im retired now im 64 yrs. old living in spring hill florida.its wonderfull here ilove it.its nice to get up in the morning and say what do i feel like doing today lol

John I. First place 9-8-2006 05:25 AM
hi Tom yes its nice to get up and say "what do I Do today? " but pleawe rememberyou can get up and say that anywhere ? haha take care pal, by the way im a little older than you 72

Donnie Amorosa 9-8-2006 01:29 PM
is this the same Tom Casale carpenter with 157? From cats ally?
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Post 1258

To &Quot;Help&Quot; And His Close Associate &Quot;Unhappy&Quot; Who Unjustly Slammed My Post.

We Are In America Guys If You Don't Like It Simply Change The First Amendment

Sign On And Write Yourselves Away My Man.

Ya Know What You Are Boys ???
Although I Believe You Are Only One (1) A Displaced, Sad And Lonely Person.

You Just &Quot;Were Not There&Quot; And The Entire Hook Understands Your Rhetoric. Or No Girls Would Go With You To The Prom, How About That. You Were Too Ugley Gentlemen.

Those Are Kind Words.I See That When The Subjects Herein Become Too Focused On The Hook The Outsiders Get Nervous.

If You Don't Like What I Said Say Someting Bright That You Want To Get Out There.
Is That What This Site Is All About.
It's Not About Displaying Mental Prowess

It's About The Good Old Days And The People Who Lived In That Time And About Our Lives Then, Not Slick Yuppie Bullshit And Snoty Short Speak Glib Crap.

I Strongly Suspect You Lack The Imagination To Do Anything Here In An Entertaining Manner. That's A Guide Boys.
Oh...Buy The Way If You Want To Talk
(Discuss) Business And Finance Let Me Know Bring Bring It On. Or Perhaps You You Want A Real Taste Of High End Times Vocabulary, Just Let Me Know.
The Time Can't Touch Me If You Wish To Give That A Go.

I Will Try My Best To Correspond At Your Obvious Esteemed Level.

What Have &Quot;You&Quot; Got To Say That Is So Interesting.

Just Use Your Name Which I Do And Sign On.&Quot;Ballless In Brooklyn&Quot; Can Be Your Headline

Seriously...I Have A Gut Feeling You Guys Would Not Make It To The Top Of The Now Defunct Pier 41 Water Towers. You Would Not Know Where They Are In The First Place.

On A Clear Day You Could See Forever.

Obviousley You Both Are Very
Short Sighted.

But Hey... It's Difficult To Overcome Ignorance. But We Wiil Forgive You, After All We Are &Quot;Red Hookers&Quot;.

Let Me Change This Subject, If Io May Folks.

Does Anyone Out There Like Sinatra ?.
A Grand Says Help And Happy Dont.

His Picture Hangs With Great Reverence In Patseys Forever. 1st Ave/117th St Nyc.

Best Regards To All


Bill 9-7-2006 08:22 PM
Ben..I liked "I Strongly Suspect You Lack The Imagination To Do Anything Here In An Entertaining Manner. That's A Guide Boys." That was right on.

John I from first place 9-8-2006 05:29 AM
wow! ! ! a bit much dont u think? sorry

madeline faiella 9-8-2006 08:08 AM
ben butler,
thanks for giving these jerks a broolyn what for lol lol :} i hope to see you at the ole times day on sept 16,
these people didn't live unless they came from b'klyn,
brooklyn was a melting pot of all different poeople and we understood each other.
1279) tom casale
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9-7-2006 04:34 PM  Write a comment Send E-mail

yes yes yes i remember the day the ice cream truck broke down.i lived right across the st. from the seamans instatute what a feast i got a whole gallon of vannela.was a hot summer day most of it melted lol

John I.from first place 9-8-2006 05:32 AM
Tom Casale, I lived across from the seamans institute and sang there as a young boy.Miss Conklin was the teacher, and Father Farrel was the priest there at the time. do you remember him? or the choir?

madeline faiella 9-8-2006 08:19 AM
tom c
uncle nan's candy store on 67 woodhull street made out good that day he gave us kids a quarter for each gallon of icecream we gave him lol

madeline faiella 9-8-2006 08:24 AM
tom c
yes i do remember Fr. Farrell
do you remember when he fall thru the toliet floor ?
my dad and all the men fron uncle nan's candy store had to pick him up because he weight about 350 lbs lol
1278) tom casale
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9-7-2006 04:26 PM  Write a comment Send E-mail

to jonh 1
wow john you brought back a memory.manhasset pl.thay built the b.q.e. where it used to be.i remember having rock fights with kids from there.we used to call them the jack rabbits lol.sorry i dont remember patty errigo or adolphi christadoro.i do vagley remember a guy called ACE he would watch me and my 2 brothers he was older than us. a great guy,would love to here from him.

connie yes i remember the chicken guy.
ill never forget the kid getting killed on hicks and brothers had built me a scotter.iwas just getting out of the hospital after 3 months in there i had burnt my stomach.when that kid got killed my father busted the scotter up.because he was ridding one when he got killed.
another bad memory remember when st.stephens burnt down?the priest wanted to go in and save one of the statues the fireman had to stop him.a terrible day

John I. First place 9-8-2006 05:37 AM
Hi Tom yes of course i remember the fire at st. Stephens it was a terrible day, but donations etc brought that church our church back up again in full glory.Do you want to know any of the history of St. Stephens also called sacred hearts of Jesus and Mary? how it got both names? be glad to tell u all.

Connie 9-8-2006 07:52 AM
Yes Tom,
i do remember St. Stephens burning down. I lived on the top floor of 98 Rapelye St. I saw the steeple burning from my window. Tough day.

Tina 9-8-2006 09:41 PM
The story according to friends, family and neighbors was the city tore down Sacred Hearts because it was in the path of the Hicks Street underpass for the Gowanus expressway. Sacred Hearts was on Hicks at Sackett and/or Degraw Streets? I have vague memories of the church, its steeple and I think it was red brick? There was an uproar in the neighborhood when the digging started because the city would not prevent the church from being destroyed for progess. The two names were combined. Was St. Stephens a parish at that time or was it built after Scared Hearts was destroyed? I remember the fire. The steeple in flames. Going to Mass at SS/SH hall and when we could going back to Mass in the basement of the church.
Is the grotto behind the church still there? Not only did my friends and I go there to pray but also to run up, over and behind the rocks of the grotto playing, please remember we were kids. Star Hall was across the street and we went to a couple of fun "Football" weddings.

As I wrote in another entry, the name Carroll Gardens started to come into existence in 1963 / 1964.
To this day, I still say, with pride "I came from Red Hook", even though we were on the other side of Hamilton Avenue. Years ago very few people would admit they were from our neighborhood. It seems they all came from Bay Ridge.
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Post 1279
to john from 1st place

thanks for putting mr. Bennett on the scene. Aka anthony benedetto he deserves it. Saw tony my prom night at the copa. Do you remember when he was "all over" with his first big hit
"because of you". What a song. And how about "i woun't cry anymore". Maybe his second great hit followef by so many.
When you could hear and understand the lyrics/

john this is just for you as best i can remember it now..
Rags to riches.. With that unforgetable introduction.

I know i'd go from rags to riches
if you would only say you cared

i know i'd go from rags to riches
i'd be a millionaire

my clothes may still be torn and tattered
but in my heart i'd be a king

your love is all that matters
it's everything....

Open your heart
and open the door to every treasure i'm hoping for

hold me and kiss me and tell me your nine evermore

then more music which was also great in the song. And back again to, the main lyric.
I hope that got it.

His music was on every juke box from here to heaven. And....For only a nickel

thank you again john for bringing tony back to us all.
A friend of mine lewis johnson actually really knows tony through his art work. He is a very talented artist.

Folks can you see what can happen just writing a small comment about back in the day.

madeline faiella 9-7-2006 03:24 PM
ben butler
thanks for write the song rags to riches that was my dad's favorite song he always sang to my mother.
that was there songs

madeline faiella 9-7-2006 03:36 PM
hi everyone
does anyone remember when the icecream truck broke down on hicks street and rapely st near the seamans church, and the truck driver gave all the kids the gallons of icecream because it was melting, boy was i sick that day so was all the kids from the surroundig blocks icecream was everywhere.

Bill 9-7-2006 03:43 PM
UNHAPPY...I must of missed something, I don't get the problem your unhappy about. What is your problem, you dont like the posts, than dont read them..go on to the next. Do you tell people to shut up because you dont like the subject? do you think they're rude? Is it the Language? What? What is it that is making you so unhappy with the site? Are the wrong people, in your book posting? Please give us a break.

John I. From first place 9-8-2006 05:43 AM
hi Ben, thanks for the compliment. its a pleasure to mention the master, Tony Bennet He is still great.Yes his musci is still heard all over the place.Thanks for the words to Rags to Riches on of my bennet many though.

John I. First Place 9-8-2006 05:51 AM
Ben I emailed you hope you get it and respond.thanks
1276) Connie (Nucito) Spinelli
Freehold, NJ
IP logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)
9-7-2006 12:03 PM  Write a comment Send E-mail

This is for Lou Viegas. I'm from King St. & my husband, Nick, and I were friends of your brother Pete and Ronnie for many years. My Aunt Kitty & Cousin Kutchie were life long friends of Ronnie's. We kept in touch w/Pete on this website for some time before his passing. We live in Freehold, NJ for the last 37 years but still have lots of family & friends in Red Hook & SI. I remember your brother Woodsie but only remember your name but I don't think we ever met.

madeline faiella 9-7-2006 03:41 PM
lou viegas
are you related to the late
jack viegas he was married to roseelli he had three daughters ?
and did you work for the post office in brooklyn, then you made postmaster in staten island

Lou Viegas 9-7-2006 05:20 PM
HI CONNIE, I thought your name sounded familar! I am the youngest brother, 16 years younger than Pete. I lived on King Street for a while in the same building as my Uncle Harry. Pete enjoyed the website a lot in his last few years of life.

Lou Viegas 9-7-2006 05:27 PM
Hi Madeline, Yes, I am Jack's Brother and the very same one you describe. You lived in 69 Woodhull, right? I also live in 64 Woodhull in the years before "the ditch" was cut. Used to play in the excavation and also the houses they were demolishing on the even side. My other brothers: Peter & Ray (Woodsie) are also gone. I retired from the Staten Island P.O. in 1993.

madeline faiella 9-8-2006 08:46 AM
are you jo-jo sister you lived next to the park on the second floor ? on woodhull street
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