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1401) Babyann
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10-1-2006 07:37 AM  Write a comment Send E-mail

this is for the girls Jimmy B and Jennie's daughters, It was great seeing all three last night, please e mail me, when you do I'll give you my phone # first write a note here for me.

AnnMarie Bamundo 10-2-2006 07:31 AM
Hi Babyann, It was great to see you at my aunts party it has been a long time. Brought back so many memories of Summit St and the old days. What a great Party, more like a reunion. Its was nice to see family and friends that we haven't seen in a long time and it was nice to see my Aunt sooooo Happy.
I will email you later we'll keep in touch.


babyann 10-2-2006 11:12 AM
Remember the show "WISEGUYS" why back when I think in the 70's who was one of the stars of the show???
He came from our neighborhood

Tommy B. 10-2-2006 11:39 AM
Hello again Babyann, maybe you should stick with the dancing ,you did pretty good the other night & stay away fro the trivia's, is the answer Ray Sharkey!

RoRo 10-2-2006 02:28 PM
Babyann, It was so good to see you, you look the same. I had a blast at my Aunt's party. I had so much fun dancing and chatting with everyone.

babyann 10-2-2006 08:22 PM
Tommy B you are right again as usual.....there were a lot of stars in that show that are big today. Only I can't remember the name of the undercover cop I could see him but cannot remember his name help me out here

Tommy B. 10-3-2006 06:04 AM
Hi to the famous Babyann, my family really got a kick out of meeting you & like I said one day we should do it again. Now let me help you out with the undercover cop from wiseguys. Now I'm not going to make it easy for you so if I'm correct his last name started with a W. good luck!

babyann D 10-3-2006 02:32 PM
Tommy your bad, was it Wall I think his first name was Michael????? big guy black hair good looking too.....
1400) Lucy (Lucille) Fraser Suarez
West Central Florida
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A/K/A Lucy Goosey a/k/a Longo... Hey! I only put all these names up so maybe I can jar the memorries of who I was and am to another one of you ole Hookers from the Point!!! Best neiboorhood in the 50s to 63 for me!!! then it was off to Gerritsen Beach till 67...Then back to RED HOOK THE POINT for about 1 1/2 years in 2002 !!! How sweet it was!Just so ya know....Valentine Pier is something new and beautiful about the point now! You walk down this pier and see Lady Liberty lookin at cha right straight ahead... to your right facing her was the old White Rock Pier where many of you back in the day swam and or got high!!! What a diffence! If you ever get up down or around that way you really do need to see it! Many , many of the old homes are gone! Including mine which was 342 Van Brunt Street until 63...Frank Falcos Barber shoppe was below my appt. above me was First Babe & Mels appt. on top floor then they left and the Stewerts moved in they were Tom(custodian of Christ Chapel) My church with Father Fox as be continued...

Lucy Suarez 10-1-2006 07:09 AM
I went to P.S. 30s...from 3rd grade till I graduated 6th grade then it was off to jhs 142s! I dont remember much about 142s other than the back stair well were lovers lanes to alot of you! I dident go to school much there because it was too many problems for me school was too boring so I helped Mitch & Frank Von Elm sell hot dogs down the piers ...The long shoreman liked pretty little girls so I drummed uop more bussiness for them and could have as many hot dogs as I wanted! I hung out around that time with Eddie Perez (my best buddy) aka Saboo...Victor & Johnny Baez.Marrian(legs)Bounocore..Allen Wirth..Walter & Sammy Marano..Able Bracero aka Bulldog..Floyd Furtaw Roger Kenneke (former spouse) Frankie Lorraine & Eddie DormanJoannie Kwiat (lived above larsens bakery)Annie Edwardsen,Louie & George thats baba & prune gebron and of course current Sweetheart & Spouse CHENO SUAREZ!

Lucy Suarez 10-1-2006 07:16 AM
Also hung with the late but GREAT "SHARION PLUNKETT" I miss ya Girlfriend I really doi! You were a dear friend and had a great heart! I mostly ate Tonys Pizza but did have on ocassion Silver Star Pizza...Hope someone remembers me oh yeah I wore my long hair teased up reaally high short black shirts and tight fitiin sweaters lots black eyemake up...Guess you might say in style at the time and kinda Trampy looking lol! Those were the days my friends! theres a song like that aint there?!

Lucy Suarez 10-1-2006 07:22 AM
OOOPS! I am thinking too fast again! About the folks that lived above me ...on van Brunt St were Tom Swewert (heck of a nice chap!)His wife Annabelle she was a (Sweeny) their two daughter Maureen (hi! remember those roller skating sats at the rink?) and her little sis Patricia (Trisha) It was nice living a few doors away from Williams Ice Cream Parlor...Loved those choc and vanilla creams!

Millie 10-1-2006 08:40 AM
Christ Chapel and Father Foxoh yes. My sisters and I were a big part of this wonderful church all our years growing up I was more the 50 to 60 era. I remember the choir dirctor Mrs, Racca I believe and how she could scare the heck out of some of the members of the choir.Sunday school teachers were the best, Misses Tellers ,MIss liberta. Still remember the song we would sing in nursery , Little Drops of water...... The YPF was a get together for us and who remembers on Friday nights after choir practice going down to Taffy Dicks to get that wonerful sticky taffy that could pull out any fillings you had.The cinnamon was the hottest you could imagine.I did go to 142 for 7 and 8 and Miss Ziadi was my home room. I remember feeling so out of place because all the girls from that area were so mature already, with make up and shapes already and here I am in my cute dress and brown shoes, I finally fit in. Band was where I met a lot of my friends.I heard Miss Ziadi, art teacher, years later had a real hard time dealing with the kids, because they were so out of hand. My brother Ray was in that age group. I really think she was just getting too old to be teaching, I remember Mr mcCluskey for history I think. Does anyone remember how we kids from the hook got to 142, I cant for the life of me remember. I remember taking the bus and subway to get to Bay Ridge High 5:30 in the morning but cant remember how we got to 142.

Lucy Suarez 10-1-2006 10:46 AM
Hi! Millie To get to school jhs 142 I d take crosstown bus B-61 to columbia st. i forget where wed get off but then wed walk accross that slanted bridge or RUN if the Columbia Chicks Gang were around!!! Those were the days when if you fought with the chicks theyd have razor blades inserted in their teased up hair so whenn youd grab it youd chew your fingers up! And thats the truth!!! First hand info. cut first hand! Christ Chappel LOVED IT! LOVED FATHER FOX what can I say! He was the greatest gentileman I ever knew! Dedicated 100% . Mildred Liberta was a relitive of mine there is still a stained glass window dedicated to her (my )family...Its a diffent church noe penticostal last I knew... The back of the church is no longer there neither is p.s.30s

Lucy Suarez 10-1-2006 10:55 AM
Red Hook Point now basicially is geared to the artists its like sort of a mini SoHo...Art Galleries coffee shoppes antique shoppes renevated homes new homes It is really mostly quite nice but mostly it is over priced real estate! Some of the three story homes like on Van Brunt for instance listed in real estate for over HOLD ON ONE MILLION dollar! My Grandmother used to call ERIE BASIN /RED HOOK the slums!!! She was born on Conover St in 1896 or 7 ...My Cheno says when his parents moved there over by the stadium(new one now!)there used to be little shanty houses and it was called Shanty Town...It's amazing isent it we never change(?) but everyone and everthing else does! lol! God Bless you all!

Johanna Cozzati D'Albenzi 10-1-2006 05:29 PM
This is for Millie:
I went to PS 27 and we had a Mr McCluskey who taught Social Studies when I was in 7th and 8th grades 1952-53. I also went to BRHS the Class of 1957. We are having a 50 year reunion next spring if you were, or know of anyone who was in that class please ask them to get in touch with It is a difficult task tracking down women when you only have their name at time of graduation.

millie 10-1-2006 08:04 PM
Did you have a sister Linda?

Johanna Cozzati DAlbenzio 10-2-2006 02:35 PM
Sorry, no Linda

Millie Hutchinson 10-2-2006 08:12 PM
Hi Lucy, Im new on here and seeing that you are on a lot I thought Id ask you where you lived . I am one of five of the Hutchinson family from Conover.My brother Ray being the youngest. There was Ethel Joyce, Arlene, me and then Ray.I

Lucy 10-3-2006 06:55 AM
Millie I left an answer up above! This was getting too long!
1399) John Burkard, Red Hook
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Received the article you sent me from your local paper. many thanks for your thoughtfullness. For the readers of this post, the article includes a picture (back of heads only) of a Dad with his small Son on a bench in Valentino Park, looking at Lady Liberty.The article is called (Brooklyn; A Destination In Its Own Right) Daily Herald, Huntley Il. dated Sept 24, 06. much appreciated, John.....

Patty Cozzati Laslo 10-1-2006 06:09 AM
I've been out of Brooklyn a long time. Where is Valentino Park?

John B..... 10-1-2006 11:02 AM
Patty, below Ferris St toward the water. A wonderful little park and recreational pier built by the EDC and later taken over by the Parks Dept.I just succeeded in having a long missing sign (50yrs) placed there by Parks, it was up 6 days and vandalized. They promptly repaired it and it looks great. The sign was a bronze plaque on Todd Shipyards at Beard about Richards St. It is Revolutionary War history, and the story of America. Some of the best views in new York City can be had at the location. There's also a kyack canoe launch maintained by the Parks dept and used by many.

Patty Cozzati Laslo 10-1-2006 05:02 PM
Thanks John. It is wonderful that Red Hook is finally being recognized for its place in history. I am about a third of the way through David McCullough's 1776 and feel a since of pride at the mention of my birthplace. Strange I have no recollection of being taught any of our own rich history in school but then again I was always a bit of a daydreamer. I will mention Valentino Park and the memorial plaque to my dad. He used to work down Todd Shipyards in one of his partime jobs as a Pinkerton guard. He also guarded at the Battery tunnel when it was being built. I recently visited Red Hook via satalite ( and the location, waterfront, views are the best of the best. I wish the very best for Red Hook and for all its residents, present and past.

John Burkard, Red Hook... 10-1-2006 05:32 PM
Patty, there's nothing wrong with your recollection, this history just never was taught in our school system. If I
last long enough, I would like to change all that. I want the children from Red Hook to look up and proudly, tell others where they come from, After all,Red Hook is where George Washington's Army got a second chance at liberty, they can say, "This is where America
was Born".....

Patty Cozzati 10-2-2006 09:11 AM
Thanks for the work you are doing. It's not only important for the kids of today but for the kid in each of us. I have not been back to Red Hook since Fr.Maroney's wake. I am now looking forward to a trip back, perhaps in 2007 and visiting Valentino Park after a ride on the water taxi. God bless you.

Tommy B. 10-2-2006 12:05 PM
Hi Patty & John, I was down by Valentino park a few months back to view the Queen & what a feeling it was just sitting in the park. I do remember Louis Valentino Jr. who the park is named after, we did play ball against each other, he was a good guy. One other thing Patty before you visit Valentino Park you must stop by Defonte's & get a Valentino special, it is one great hero, then you can go sit in the park & enjoy it. Take care!
1398) Eileen Coughlin 
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Hi Frank
You have me thinking Was June your sister
You went in The Navy If so How are things
Please tell June Hello for me
Take Care

frank 10-2-2006 04:12 AM
sorry eileen wrong june. frank. c
1397) fran
red hook
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mad whats up are u here

madeline faiella 10-1-2006 07:28 AM
where are u these days i cant keep up with u ?
how is vinny leg ?

babyann 10-2-2006 11:16 AM
Madeline F
are y talking about cork leg???
1396) Eileen Coughlin 
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I was friends with Pat McDonnell from Coffey Street.
I remember the name June where did she live?
Take Care

madeline faiella 9-30-2006 08:57 AM
AnnMae Dell aporte,
where are you ? come out come out where ever you are !! LOL
do you remember Stretched's real name and where he lived ?
i wonder if he knows about this site yet.
how is flordia today ?

Ed Nichols 10-5-2006 07:56 AM
I went to Visitation with an Eileen Couglin and Patricia Theresa McDonnell and graduated with them in 1952. Still have the Graduation photo & the program. Are these the same girls or their daughters?
1395) Louise
***RED HOOK***
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ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZFor change in the weather??? Before there were complaints that the site was taken over, excuse me.......wassssup now people? Did everyone go some where else? Louise

babyann 9-30-2006 08:14 AM
sure did it is more interesting when we talk about memories, our neighborhood, what our family cooked, how many children went without socks, etc. and why they changed our neighborhood names, coble hill or carroll gardens etc. how we excelled, explaining to our children what we had or didn't have. that is what this site is about M E M O R I E S shaing M E M O R I E S

madeline faiella 9-30-2006 09:11 AM
your so right it seem to me that everyone is gone from the site , so sad.
i passed by ( PS 142) or JHS 142 now guess what it turned back to a grammer school again now it starts at kindergarten to 12 grade i was talking to a teacher's aide last friday i asked if i can come to the school and have a tore around the school, with my sister and friend gerri that we have alot of good memories of the school lol :]

Tommy B. 9-30-2006 01:47 PM
Hi Guys , if you remember me I was once called the triva king on this site. P.S. 142 has been mentioned a numerous amount of times, I did not attend there but I spent a lot of time In the teachers lunch room because my Mom had worked there & I always went & visit her,it seemed many women my Moms age from around the neighborhood had worked there. Now here is a little trivia for anyone who might be interested, back in the 60s or early 70s there was a tragic accident at 142 someone frome out of the neighborhood climbed to the top of 142 & either jumped or fell ,I cant remember which. If I remebner correctly this person came down to hang out in Angies & he came from around 3rd Ave, if I'm correct, does anyone remember his name!

Tommy B. 9-30-2006 01:50 PM
Sorry for the bad spelling I'm on the run, my sister knows why!

Lucy Suarez 10-1-2006 06:41 AM
Hi! Louise I am back online...Got rid of slooooooooooow dial up ...What a difference.Hi! To George...Cheno says Hi! ...Hey Louise Please tell Herman Rivera what my new email addy is because whenever I send him something his spam guard sends it back! Thanks! Love Yas!

babyann 10-1-2006 07:29 AM
tommy b are y sure it was in the 60's something like that happened in 50's and Chicky climb up the side of the building and got to the top came down the same way he was nutsssss he got suspended that day. any way had a great time last night, you look great Your uncles and aunt look fab... one of them could really dance...I mean dance really gooooood and he is in 70's. I should be so lucky some day

madeline faiella 10-1-2006 08:29 AM
tommy b,
the name of the kid that jumped off JHS 142 was sauceie i was there that night he jumped he sniffed two tubs of airplane glue, he climbed up the side of the building to top and yelled that he was superman and that he can fly; i was with my friends in the ballpark when we seen him climble the building then jumped . not a good memorie at all (RIP) sauceie.

ATommy.B 10-2-2006 10:53 AM
Hi Babyann, it was sure good to see you & Nicky after so may years, you both looked great. Yes everyone had a blast at Goody Goody! It seemed like Nicky could have sang for hours & hours, he was great. Now to change the subject to about who climbed to the top of 142, it did happen in the late 60s or early 70s & the person did not get suspended from school because he fell to his death. Now Madeline F. this is for you I do remember the person who jumped saying something like look I'm Superman & also that he might have been high on glue, but I do remeber his name being Doc, he had red hair & came from 3rd Ave. I'm pretty sure he was a 3rd Ave. Gent, does anyone else on the site remember that night. Take care will talk soon.

Stephanie 10-2-2006 05:34 PM
Hi, my name is Stephanie Hillery-Smith i have been on the last couple of months reading all the stories from everyone and it has really been enjoyable. It reminds me of hearing my dad and grandparents talk of all the old stories in the neighborhood. My dad is Fran Hillery and he came from Third Street. My mom was Patricia Saccento and she came from Fourth Place. They both attended St. Mary's Star of the Sea. I felt the need to lend a little of the trivia i grew up hearing with Tommy B. The story that my dad tells all the time was of his really good friend Doc Cushing who lived on third street near him. He tells the story of how Doc climbed 142 and fell to his death. I believe it was before my parents married and that would have been before 1965. After my mom passed away in 1970 my dad and I moved in with her parents on 4th place and Doc's mom was our neighbor she lived at that time in the Burke's house two doors off the corner of Mazzones. I hope this helps. Maybe you guys could help me one day with any questions i may have regarding the neighborhood.

Tommy B. 10-3-2006 11:45 AM
Hi Stephanie,thanks for the info about Doc. Now by any chance was your Dad called Frannie Tights back in the early 70s,if so he was one of the older guys from the neighborhood. Will talk soon!
1394) matty sullivan 
long beach,n.y.
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9-29-2006 04:51 PM  Write a comment

To the Coffey family I wish to send my condolences.He always had a good word and a smile on his face.Rest in peace Happy

Matty Sullivan
1393) FRAN
red hook
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whats up with this site no body on any more
1392) Eileen Coughlin 
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With Heart Felt Condolence For Claire Coffey & Her family
Eileen Coughlin

frank 9-29-2006 08:44 AM
eileen did you hang out with pat and june. frank

Lucy Suarez 10-1-2006 06:44 AM
Hi! Eileen...Whats up gal?! Love Ya!
1391) Ruth (Cronin) Kaprat
Spring, Hill Fl.
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It is with great sorrow that I have to post this.
Happy Coffey died yesterday 9/28/06, after a long illness.
My heart goes out to his wife Claire his son Kevin, his daughter Erin & his family.

Jacklyn Ryan Funeral Home
233 Carr Ave, Keansburg N.J 07735
(732) 787-1177
Tues. 7-9, Wed 2-4 & 7-9.

Thur. Oct 5. 9:30 mass @
St. Catherine Church
East Keansburg N.J.

I remember all the great times Skip & I had with Claire & Happy, he will truly be missed.

millie hutchinson 9-29-2006 07:33 AM
my condolences also. I am new on this site but your name Ruth Cronin just shocked me and brought back memories of ps 30. You were in my class and I remember you as having short blonde curly hair. I can still see you in the class picture.

millie 9-29-2006 07:52 AM
Anyone remembering the baseball games at coffey park in the 50s? also anyon know of concetta, caroline scala, camille, just a few school buddies I remember, How about the Spezios on the corner of Conover. Yolanda was our age and that hose around thge corner on Sullivan tha tscared the heck out of me, a little house up the block from aunt Margaret. I remember looking out our kitchen windoe at the Statue of Liberty, we had the greatest sites on Conover,

millie hutchinson 9-29-2006 08:45 AM
sorry Ruth, I just remembered I knew your brother John. YTou are probably more my sister Arlenes age. The girl in the picture was Lorraine Thompson I think.
1390) madelineb
carroll gardens/red hook
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Montelone has merged with Cameries bakery.(the one that was in Moonstruck)
They are removating it.The Pastry shop on degraw, Court Pastry has the best!!Somethings don't change.College Bakery closed last year rumor was that they sold the building,but didn't.
14 Years ago a music shop opened on Court St.,a great store evetything you ever needed in music material.. He's now closing because his rent has been increased..another change in such a short time.

Anyone remember Cadets Cleaner? They sold to Asia's they too are closing due to hight rents ..This area dose not cater to small mom and pops stores anymore and thats a terrific change,because that is one of the reasons everyone loved the area..thats changed...
1389) Tommy Bracco 
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9-28-2006 03:19 PM  Write a comment

Hi all
I was in the old neighborhood on degraw st went to court pastry shop nothing like it they have the best pastry also i walked around the neighborhood ebels is gone college bakery montelone is gone all new storers from there we went to nathans wow did coney island change ther is no more BobSled thunderbolt only the cyclone and wonder wheel one spook house
and we stopped in the caramel corn store next store to nathans wow not the same and the Ice cream place next store not there any more there is nothing there like i knew years ago so disappointing and you are all right the younger generation will never lmpw what we had bot I am glad i have a wonderful and unforgettable childhood on Luquer st no more nuns covent and on butler st no more Brothers residence wow to only bring back what we had and yes I remember when the dodgers won ur right all fires and dummies and what about election day we had fires I am so glad i grew up in those days we were all happy
1388) Joe Militano
Manchester, NJ
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Last weekend I attended my great grandson's 2nd. birthday party. It was held at the Obrien Club on 6th. Ave. and 49th. St. in Brooklyn.
I left early and my wife Charlotte and my 82 year old sister were with me. We left early so we could go to Fernando's on Union St. for Vasteda, rice balls and potato puffs. I had originally gone there when I was 5 yrs. old. My sister had gone there when she was about 10. What great memories. We then drove down Dikeman St. to see where I lived at 135. The house was gone. My wife's house at 164 Dikeman St. is still standing. After that we went to
Valentino Pier, where some kayaker were putting into the water. We also went to the Fairway store. It was a great trip, filled with many fond memories of the old neighborhood.
1387) Patty Cozzati Laslo
Naples, Florida
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Remember the ponies they used to bring into the projects? Got to love those old pictures. I have one hanging on my wall that has to be from around 1949. There I am sitting on a pony thinking that I look like Dale Evans. However, I think it is safe to say that Dale never got on a horse while she was wearing skates like me in the picture. I call the picture "urban cowgirl" and it was taken near 93 Centre Mall. Do we have any other classic pictures out there?

babyann 9-28-2006 02:04 PM
Hi Patty, I lived at 626 clinton st. and yes I to was on a pony with the hat and all the man and pony went to other neighborhood too, Carroll St. & Columbia all my cousins were on the same pony.
Do you remember going to A&S to see Hop Along Cassidy and His White Horse???? well we did thank god for Mothers, they brought us everywhere and we went by bus too.

Patty Cozzati 9-28-2006 02:26 PM
Hi Babyann,
Sorry I missed Hop Along Cassidy at A&S.....what year was it? I remember A&S very well, used to walk there with my Mom. Remember the "charge coin" they had before the days of credit cards?

babyann 9-28-2006 03:14 PM
Patty, Hop ALong Cassidy I saw him around the 48 49 I'm not sure, but I was mentioned coin remember the tokens the bus gave out if you took the train and got tokens you could use them on the bus too remember very small 15 cents to travel then. My aunt would put me on the bus to go home to the projects from hamilton ave and van brunt st., told the bus driver to let me off at clinton st. that was in the early 50's I was 8 or 9 my mother was waiting for me thank god I was really scared no body had cars in our family than. What Memories,

Patty Cozzati 9-29-2006 01:20 PM
I don't remember the subway/bus transfer coins - only the paper bus transfers but I do remember a 10 cent fare (even though us kids usually went under the turnstile). What grade school did you go to? I was in 27 through the 4th, then St.Mary's to the start of the 6th and graduated from Visitation in 57.Did you ever play ringo-levio on the mall?

babyann 9-29-2006 02:21 PM
Patty, I went to 142, grad in 57 of course I did who didn't box ball too, 2 sewer pinple ball I was good then played with the boys 3 girls including me I am sure if you looked back into this guest book 1200's-now you will see many from the projects some you may remember
1386) Jennifer-Jo Bonocore
Jackson NJ
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My name is Jen Bonocore, my mom and dad sent me to this site to check it out for them (Bob and Cheryl Bonocore). My mom said her best friend of many years is on here so I figured I'd try to find her-Janet Larson. My Uncle Harold said she is here but I tried reading through and there is just too many. I did read about the reunion at Lancaster a few years ago and I was there-that was a nice time. Well, if any of you know my mom or dad please let me know so I can get them in touch with you. (My moms madien name is Trupp)
Jen Bonocore

Lou Auletti 9-28-2006 03:10 PM
Ask your Mom & Dad if they remember Andrew Della Gatta or Louie Auletti or Howie Graves. I remember going to your fathers house. In the basement was apool table. If that is the same Bobby Bonocore.

Roy 9-28-2006 09:15 PM
Jen, Tell your dad his
cousin Roy sends his regards. I was also at Lancaster.
1385) fran
red hook
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hello is anyone here any more

Tommy B. 9-28-2006 12:53 PM
Hi Fran,speak up some of us are still around! Maybe we can relate to what you want to talk about.

madeline faiella 9-29-2006 03:26 PM
it's about time you got on the site were are you ?
florida or bklyn ?
give me a call
1384) MadelineB
Red Hook /carroll Gardens
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9-28-2006 08:21 AM  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi Tom B:
I've been busy. The other day i had dinner with a couple of friends ,who no longer live in S.B.We ate on the corner of Union St. & Smith. As we looked around we stared talking about the area and the Moony Post,on Union St. and the little candy store that was located on the side of where the restaurant is.One of my friends said when she comes to the neighboorhood she has a good feeling,and to her nothing has changed just different stores and more restaurants.
I think a lot of people are not on ,because we forgot what this sight is about.Sharing all the good times.As I said before today will be tomorrows memories.

Madeline 9-28-2006 08:35 AM
Boy!!! do I remeber when the dodgers won Brooklyn went crays!! Fire's burning dummy's hanging on lamp post.All was done in fun and high spirits.
Today we'd all be arrested.I always say the young generation missed a lot.

You don't stop playing because you get old,You get old because you stop playing
So have fun & I'll see you friends and family Saturday,can't wait!!!!

Tommy B.. 9-28-2006 12:48 PM
Hi Mad, as I mentioned on the site a few times I feel nothing has changed just like your friends said. The only thing I regret is not getting into the neighborhood that much. You must remember that you & Dad were real fixtures around the neighborhood because of the businesses you were in. You cant walk into many places now a days & get called by your 1st name like the way we used to. So lets keep on enjoying the site & our memories & stop thinking where everyone has gone! Luv ya.

babyann 9-28-2006 03:01 PM
Tommy B and Madeline just to let you know I'M STIL HERE and what you said about the dodgers, well, madeline you should remember Carroll St. that day, Everyone went mad, dummies hung from lamp post, fire in pails in the middle of street, banners everywhere. even the Happy Hour had it posted Those Bums, Brooklyn Dodgers Won The World Series Remember??????

Marie from First Place(NJ 10-10-2006 08:02 AM
It's me Marie (Fallo) I was just reading your response to Tom B and it made me think of the day I saw you at the restaurant on Columbia St.
It's true what your friend said about the neihborhood , that nothing has changed just different stores . I know when I saw you it was like we just picked up where we left off talking about our friends and teachers we had in 142. when you meet your friends from your youth you feel like you never
left.I have to say Madaline you haven't changed, you are as upbeat as I always remeber you and I know you as most of us have faced some ups and downs , but for the most part your a pleasure to have know and stll know till now .
Thanks for all your smiles and fun singing
1383) millie Faraci
Carroll Gardens
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I am looking for Anita Belinda who went to P.S. 74. She is about 68 years old. I went to school with her and would like to contact her.

Francis Campagna 9-28-2006 06:38 AM
If Anita had brothers, you could try to find her by locating a brother. There are only 5 Belinda telephone listings in New York state.
1382) Peggy Della Porte
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Hello Everyone.
I would like to clear something up.... I never said I wanted to start any kind of funds or raise money for Visitation. What I did say is that Visitation I am sure can use some donations to keep it going. When some one wants to give from their hearts, they just do it. They don't need a fund raiser and all that fancy stuff.... I give them donations... and I am sure if anyone out that wants to , alls they have to do is send something right to the rectory. No middle man, no hands in the pot!!!!!anyway, have a great day everyone, be well.

Peggy Della Porte Rodriguez

BEN BUTLER 9-28-2006 11:18 AM

Many thanks you input.

Just to clear my request on the fundraiser.

your post 1349 suggested helping out Visitation. to your post Kathy Murry asked in so many words if you would be interesated in heading such a thing based on the earlier fundraisers at Old TIMERS GAME ETC.

If you don't care to do so its fine. However DE BOCK has also pledged a $1000.00 as well as myself which is a good start.

Let the middlemen take this over
in a effort to get things moving That is how you get things done..

Peggy come on now.... the middlemen and the hands in the pot comment was not well founded

Madeline Faiello seemed genuinely interested in this new project. Miss Madeline would you head up the new drive to rase FUNDS, PERHAPS YOU AND KATHY MURPHY could suggest what to do and how to do it.

Apparently waiting for direct donations is not doing it.

De Bock, Madeline and Kathy Murry contact me direct IF YOU WANT TO TAKE THIS FURTHER.


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