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3-27-2017 06:03 AM
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hi, cousins
yeah, another day
miss the hook
best to all
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Frankie Nerves 2-8-2017 11:06 AM
don't you offer a Hillary bathroom server hack?

Oh wait.That's been done already

Francis V Pirrone 3-2-2017 01:00 PM
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sheila murphy 3-3-2017 02:34 PM
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T.O. 3-3-2017 07:28 PM
Ha ha Sheila Murphy...that is a good one!!

Ken 3-8-2017 01:42 PM
With all the violent demonstrations going on it seems that the left and the right will never agree on anything. If this were a marriage we would be heading for the divorce court. The Republic is tearing itself apart. Scary. This may all end badly for the country.
8052) Esther Garbelotto Glickman 
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Glad to see it's still happening.
8051) Frankie Nerves 
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Get over it Philly
8050) Robert Francis 
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Ken 1-9-2017 04:30 PM
Without a credit check? Sounds like a Hock Shop.
8049) T.O. 
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Wow, I haven't been to this site in forever. What the heck happened? It used to be pretty robust with conversations and opinions...sometimes a little yelling, lol, but active, to say the least. I was going to send out some seasons greetings to Phil and Marie and a bunch of other regulars here. But I guess this website is finished and people have moved on. Too bad. See ya around!
8048) Sarah coleman 
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to all in the hook
now and way back when

Oh, the glory of it
yesterday was Halloween
so the candy abounds
November 1st, All Saint's Day
really paved the way to Thanksgivng
Thanksgiving in the hook was the greatest
except if you were a turkey, lol

november was a great month in the hook
yeah, there was school
after school was another story

Francis V Pirrone 11-24-2016 07:00 PM
Thank Yor, Mary Hopkin

Once upon a time there was a tavern
Where we used to raise a glass or two
Remember how we laughed away the hours
And think of all the great things we would DO

Those were the days, my friend
We thought they'd never end
We'd sing and dance forever and a day
We'd live the life we choose
We'd fight and never lose
For we were young and sure to have our way
La la la la la la
La la la la la la

you always wanted a pair of skates the Christmas before
so the following Fall
we could make a scooter
from an old pair of skates, a slat of wood
and a milk crate
go down suicide hill in the heights
a really steep street (don't tell mom)
then there were carpet guns
with a piece of wood, a rubber band
and, of course, someone's old carpet, linoleum

then, came election day
and back then,
we collected wood all day
people would actually move their cars for us
we had a great fire under the lamp post
did it to the dummy hanging from the street lamp
then there was skellsie (corks)

Veteran's Day was like,
if you say “no school”, i'll stay home
it was like a free holiday
we knew our dad's were in the big one
but we got the day off

a game of two hand touch football
was always a lot of fun
even with just two on a team
the fall was a bit different from the summer
as you had to be home for supper
family dinner, a great part of growing up
and after dinner, since it was dark out
daylight savings time ended
you stayed in and did your homework

after homework
we would watch the million dollar movie
or a sitcom with mom
dad worked nights
honorable mention to
Father Knows Best, The Donna Reed Show,
Leave it to Beaver, (grrr, darn you eddie haskell)
I Love Lucy, remember the Vitameatavegamin episode,
it's on youtube#@*%!
“Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive!
Able to leap tall buildings with a single bound”, George Reeve, Superman
(I always wondered how he could disguise himself simply by putting a pair of glasses on, lol)
Perry Mason, Maverick
then there was always a “abbott and Costello meet frankenstein”, etc
on the million dollar movie
The Abbott and Costello Show was the best with Sidney Fields
“Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know is on Third”
and, of course, "America's oldest teenager", Dick Clark
got us roclin' and rollin' on Saturday's with American Bandstand

Then the busy years went rushing by us
We lost our starry notions on the way
If by chance I'd see you in the tavern
We'd smile at one another and we'd say

Those were the days, my friend
We thought they'd never end
We'd sing and dance forever and a day
We'd live the life we choose
We'd fight and never lose
Those were the days
Oh, yes, those were the days
La la la la la la
La la la la la la

I remember when I started school we would bring the tuition envelope in every 3 months
sunday was a mandatory 9:00 a.m. Mass at St. Mary's of the Sea
of course it was in Latin
(they took attendance, lol)
some “big guy hanging out” till early 2 p.m.
Big pasta dinner
maybe a visit to grandpa's on Kane street
Aunt Katy and Uncle John lived there , too
with cousins Rosalie and Paula
sometimes, Uncle Tom and Aunt Santa were there, too
or grandma would come down stairs for a cannoli


7:00 p.m. was the Walt Disney hour
with Swamp Fox, Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier
(Fess Parker was the best)
followed by ed sullivan hour
sometimes a sunday snack from red's pizzeria
with a giant baked calzone
and The G.E. Theather (with Ronald Reagan)
then “The Alfred Hitchcok Show
yeah, those were the days
the Lone Ranger with Tonto, Ozzie and Harriet,
Have Gun Will TraveL” with Palladin,
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans with Trigger,
I mean, these people were like family members, lol
YIPPPPEEEEE!!!!! Bozo the Clown, Mr. Greenjeans, Soupy Sales,
Captain (Outrageous) Kangaroo
of course, I had my Micky Mouse ears for the Mickey Mouse Club
with Annette Funicello
Frankie the, I mean, Dennis the Menace, lol
drat you, Eddie Haskell
of course, there were 8 million stories of the Naked City,
good ol', “he had a cane and derby hat, his name was Bat, Bat Masterson”
Wanted : Dead or Alive with the coolest star ever, Steve McQueen
Sea Hunt, Gunsmoke with Matt Dillion and Miss Kitty,
we were good kids, basically pranksters, nothing serious
because you didn't mess with Elliot Ness (Robert Stack) and The Untouchables,
or Sgt. Joe Friday of Dragnet
and the Many Lives of Dobie Gillis with Manard G Kreps
not to mention 77 Sunset Strip, (Cookie, Cookie, lend me your comb)
and who knew it then?
but with the Twilight Zone Marathon on cable now
Billy Mumy, William Shatner, Charles Bronson, Elizabeth Montgomery,
Peter Falk, Lenoard Nimoy, Agnes Moorehead, etc all starred
the closest we got to a reality show was Candid Camera with Allen Funt

of course, there is the day I will always remember where I was
it was November 22, 1963, Friday, 2:00 pm
and our teacher, Brother Claver announced we were being released early
but didn't tell us why
I was a few steps from home
in front of 99 First Place and a friend told me
May he Rest In Peace, John F. Kennedy
“Ask not what your country can do for you
but what you can do for your country”

Viet Nam Veteran's Memorial dedicated
November 13, 1982
Washington, D.C., United States
so a big shout out to my childhood friends in the service, John S. and Steven S.
to all our Viet Nam vets who returned, mia's
and all out service men and women
now and way back then for their commitment
to protecting us and our country

the wednesday before Thanksgiving was quiet
you knew when you woke up on Thanksgiving morning
to the smell of mom's cooking
it was, like, “let the feast begin”

mom always bought borden's canned egg nog
(I saw it at pathmark yesterday
it's now in a regular milk carton)
so it was a great way to start the day
we had a light breakfast
mom had the turkey cooking,
stuffing going, yams with brown sugar

we would watch tv
go check out the kitchen
dad, who worked nights
would get up early to help mom
the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade would be on

me and mike would go out front for a while
hang out with friends
go upstairs to wish grandma a “Happy Thanksgiving”
then we would come in about 1:00 pm

Rosalie was born 7/1958
Carmela was born 12/1960
and it was such a treat having them at the dinner table
you know, with the high chair
then they got old enough to sit in regular chairs
mom, dad, mike, me made sure the girls got attention

(one year, I was, like 21, my sisters 8 and 10
I came in about 10 am
and said
“come on, we're going to the macy's parade”
it was a great time, I got them to the front to see everything across from Macy's
we got home about 2 pm
just in time for dinner)

the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade would go back on till dinnertime
so, move over mcdonald's, bye bye burger king
when I grew up, it was a sin to eat out, plus there was no fast food
microwave? The only wave we knew was at coney island

we would all sit down
Dad would say a Thanksgiving prayer
and he would always slice the turkey
Mom would chime in with “frankie boy likes the drumstick”
then mom would put on the appetizers
stuffed mushrooms, Finochio (vegetable), turkey gravy,
a whole tray of stuffing, yams with brown sugar, cranberry sauce, biscuits

Just tonight I stood before the tavern
Nothing seemed the way it used to be
In the glass I saw a strange reflection
Was that lonely woman really me?

Those were the days, my friend
We thought they'd never end
We'd sing and dance forever and a day
We'd live the life we choose
We'd fight and never lose
Those were the days
Oh, yes, those were the days
La la la la la la
La la la la la la

after dinner, it was like, “wow, did I eat all that”
and some relax time and some “that was delicious, mom”
as she put the roasted chestnuts on the table
and besides pastries from cioffi's, monteleone's, court pastry
there was always a homemade pumpkin pie
or cheese cake for desert
or Mom's famous delicious rice pudding
it was like treats everywhere
chocolate pudding
ice cream on a cone

“Babes in Toyland” with Laurel and Hardy
“March of the Wooden Soldiers”
was a treat in the afternoon

by saturday, my dad would finish slicing the turkey
once he found the wishbone
it went over the kitchen entrance till next year8
white meat, dark meat
and then he would make his famous turkey salad
so it was a great week of leftovers

you know a big shout out to “dads who help mom”
our dad would always help out mom
whether he was dicing celery, doing the dishes, doing the laundry, hanging the laundry
vacumming, washing the yard, etc
mom and dad were a team

"frankie boy, i need the parsley",
"ok, grandma",
my grandmother lived on the parlor floor,
we were in the basement,
so we would use the dumbwaiter to send up what she needed
by putting a shopping bag on a string and having her pull it up

a big shout out to my Aunt Lu and Uncle Carl
you always knew they were here
because Aunt LU would whistle on the way in

Through the door there came familiar laughter
I saw your face and heard you call my name
Oh, my friend, we're older but no wiser
For in our hearts the dreams are still the same...

Thanksgiving night was a standard
get the dishes done, playing with our sisters
some tv, and, of course, a turkey leftover snack

Those were the days, my friend
We thought they'd never end
We'd sing and dance forever and a day
We'd live the life we choose
We'd fight and never lose
Those were the days
Oh, yes, those were the days
La la la la la la
La la la la la la

and, wala
just like All Saints Day
Thanksgiving Friday opened the floodgates to
and you all know
joe knows, mary knows, louie knows
there is no Christmas like
8046) Ken 
Staten Island
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I went down to the point two weeks ago, on a Wednesday, to met Frank C. and Harry N. for lunch. All three of us each circled around for 10 - 15 minutes finding a parking spot. What is happening to Red Hook Point?

Loretta Battiloro 11-21-2016 07:05 PM
I am looking for a friend her name is Pam she married Jerry so her name is Pam Brown she had a son named Eric who #@*%! himself and died can anyone tell me where I could find her
8045) Ken 
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I went down to the point two weeks ago, on a Wednesday, to met Frank C. and Harry N. for lunch. All three of us each circled around for 10 - 15 minutes finding a parking spot. What is happening to Red Hook Point?
8044) lian 
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Staten Island,USA
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Oh, I pine for the glory days of
“trick or treat”
in the hook

I had a friend was a big baseball player
back in high school
He could throw that speedball by you
Make you look like a fool boy
Saw him the other night at this roadside bar
I was walking in, he was walking out
We went back inside sat down had a few drinks
but all he kept talking about was

Glory days well they'll pass you by
Glory days in the wink of a young girl's eye
Glory days, glory days
frankie 10-31-2013 11:29 AM
can you imagine
being a bad boy all year
“get out of my garden, frankie”
“ok, mrs. Gambardella”
“frankie, what are you doing on TOP of the phonebooth”
“making a call, Mr. Spadaro?”
all you had to do
was dress up like the bum you were
and, wala
the same neighbors would give you free candy
free NAME BRAND candy
hershey’s, m &m’s, clark bars galore

Well there's a girl that lives up the block
back in school she could turn all the boy's heads
Sometimes on a Friday I'll stop by
and have a few drinks after she put her kids to bed
Her and her husband Bobby well they split up
I guess it's two years gone by now
We just sit around talking about the old times,
she says when she feels like crying
she starts laughing thinking about

Glory days well they'll pass you by
Glory days in the wink of a young girl's eye
Glory days, glory days

Francis V Pirrone 10-31-2016 08:05 AM
we knew it was really “all hallows eve”
let’s go to the wikipedia

the night of October 31, the eve of All Saints' Day, commonly celebrated by children who dress in costume and solicit candy or other treats door-to-door.
Halloween or Hallowe'en (/?hæl?'win, -o?'in, ?h?l-/; a contraction of "All Hallows' Evening"),[5] also known as All Hallows' Eve,[6] is a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries on October 31, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows (or All Saints) and the day initiating the triduum of Hallowmas, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed believers.[7]
According to many scholars, All Hallows' Eve is a Christianized feast initially influenced by western European harvest festivals,[8] and festivals of the dead with possible pagan roots, particularly the Celtic Samhain.[6][9][10] Other scholars maintain that it originated independently of Samhain and has solely Christian roots.[11]
Typical festive Halloween activities include trick-or-treating (also known as "guising"), attending costume parties, decorating, carving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories,

and boy, were there plenty of
haunted houses, jack o’ lanterns, scarecrows, black cats, decorating
not too much apple bobbing, lol
and we, the kids
played the pranks and made the scary stories, lol
of course, when we were little little
we had to dress up as superman, batman
“hold” mom’s hand
gnats, trick or treat with her, lol
not much pranks going on
but for the embarassment of walking around dressed funny with mom
boy, oh boy, did you get home with plenty of candy
but we learned young
like willie sutton said about the banks
“that’s where the money is
we knew on October 31st
(happy birthday Danielle)
if someone asked
“why are you going door to door dressed as a fool?”
“Well, mister, that’s where the candy is”

I don’t think my mom was cheap
but frugal, for sure
a few years, we gave out bags of popcorn
(remember, michael)

My old man worked 20 years on the line
and they let him go
Now everywhere he goes out looking for work
they just tell him that he's too old
I was 9 nine years old and he was working at the
Metuchen Ford plant assembly line
Now he just sits on a stool down at the Legion hall
but I can tell what's on his mind

Glory days yeah goin back
Glory days aw he ain't never had
Glory days, glory days

then it was bound to happen
all the nice little boys
cute kids, the moms all called us
well, no more pinches on the cheek for us
as we grew up
to establish a new halloween tradition for these poor neighbors
you might say, in a way “let the fun and games begin”

October was also the begining of skellsie (corks) season,
skooters (a milk crate nailed to a 2x4 with your skates)
my dad would help me build it
touch football in the street

the first year as grown ups
we all kinda chalk sock ouselves
a beanie cap
and, touche, we were hobos
that chalk sock came in handy for lots of other things
I thank Him for inventing the chalk socks
then “mom, I need a quarter for abbabbabbabbala”
“here frankie”
get a pound of dough from susie’s bread store around the corner
a few straws from pete sergi’s candy store
and you were set to blow dough on people’s backs
(not me, I swear, it was them, lol)
friends were the easiest targets
this was all before halloween
should I really open the Seinfeld vault on a real halloween story

Now I think I'm going down to the well tonight
and I'm going to drink till I get my fill
And I hope when I get old I don't sit around thinking about it
but I probably will
Yeah, just sitting back trying to recapture
a little of the glory of, well time slips away
and leaves you with nothing mister but
boring stories of glory days

Glory days yeah goin back
Glory days aw he ain't never had
Glory days, glory days

well, here goes
the first mark was, hit all your friend’s houses
then other neighbor’s on the block
if you could get someone to buzz you in
you went to the first floor and
worked your way up
then a priority was the stores on court street
like willie “that’s where a lot of candy is, especially THE CANDY STORE
you had to get there early
cause they were smart
closed early
obviously, there is no free pizza at nino’s
but this was all after school
for treating
so if you weren’t a nice candy giver
there was our night time for tricking, lol
dawn blast those hoodlums throwing eggs at buses
plenty of dodgeball with the chalk sock
and dough fights
and of course, “no lady I wasn’t here before, honest”
if they did recognize you
well as any good boy would do
grab some more candy
run as a bat out of hell
anytime is ok for trick or treating
in the hook

as we grew up
we branched out
now, the whole neighborhood was open for trick or treating
“yes, dad, I’ll be home for dinner
one year
I could have used a wheelbarrow to haul the loot, I mean candy home
and then there was the old haunted house
on 3rd place and clinton street
you never saw people there
so obviously it was haunted, lol
plug for my favorite all time song
many times listening to it
at the pizzeria on degraw street and court street
with my best friend, tony and “the gang”

Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city
Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty
How can you lose?
The lights are much brighter there
You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares

So go downtown
Things will be great when you're downtown
No finer place for sure, downtown
Everything's waiting for you

oh, so much fun on halloween
in the hook
I dressed up as casper, the friendly ghost
till ninth grade
(don’t tell the whole world)
my mom made a costume with the hood and rest
from old bedsheets

then one year
it was the parkers across the street
you rang the basement bell
mrs. parker answered the door dressed as a withch
“she put out a pot
“here, hsve some candy”
but it was all slimy in the pot
“I mean worms”
as we ran thru the dark hall up the stairs to the parlor floor
there was scary mr, parker jumping out of the dark
“let’s go, guys”
anyway, at the door, we did get candy
so it was worth the scare

Rosalie and Carmela, my sisters, were official good treaters, no tricks
Mom made sure of that
Rosalie, forever the princess
Carmela, forever the cheerleader

things change
my cousin Dominick C. on Long Island is getting married
so I’m finally going to a Long Island country club reception
a big shout out to him
a big, big shout out to
Carmela’s daughter, Lauren
who will be doing college credit volunteer service in peru
(lauren, that country has no running water, lol)
a big, big, big shout out to the best
joe rags, carmine rags
a big, big, big, big shout out to the trick or treaters then
who are now grandmas and grandpas
moms and dads
who take their kids, grandchildren trick or treating now
a big, big, big, big, big shout out to trick or treaters

and then once we hit 16
no more trick or treating
bruce came along
fast cars, big guyism, waiting to be 18,
2 more years no more school,
yeah, right,
(we forgot the 47 years of work that goes with graduation) etc
baby, we were born to run

In the day we sweat it out on the streets of a runaway American dream
At night we ride through the mansions of glory in suicide machines
Sprung from cages out on highway 9,
Chrome wheeled, fuel injected,and steppin' out over the line
Oh, Baby this town rips the bones from your back
It's a death trap, it's a suicide rap
We gotta get out while we're young
`Cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run

yes, girl we were born to run
and run we did
in the hook
8042) Shirley Kerrigan 
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Does anyone remember my brother George Kerrigan? He worked on the corner of King St delivering bleach or something.
He went to Alexander Hamilton HS. He hung out with Frankie Falco, Manuel Ortiz and Johnny Susino. they would play dumb games like: "if you don't make us laugh with a joke we will punch you". (It wasn't violent believe me). Manuel was George's best man when he got married. Johnny lived on the corner. George passed away. A great brother with a great sense of humor.

Ken 10-30-2016 12:45 PM
Shirley, I just don't remember your brother George. I don't know why. I remember Frankie Falco and Johnny Susino. He passed away a few years ago. Sometimes I think I see Johnny's older brother(Joe?) in the ShopRite in S.I.. Their Aunt, was Mary, the matron in the Pioneer. I used to see her here in S.I. but, haven't in a few years.If I see Joe again I will catch up on info.

Shirley Kerrigan 10-30-2016 11:58 PM
Ken, I believe Johnny's older brother was Mario. I met their Aunt too in the laundromat on Staten Island. George went into the army at 18.
8041) Anna Argyres Losey 
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What can you tell me about the Pioneer Theatre in the Red Hook Section of Brooklyn. I was the owner's daughter and wanted a little history of why it closed

Micky 10-26-2016 09:49 PM
I was born in the Hook and grew up in Brooklyn. The Pioneer went the way of all the old Brooklyn movie houses like Lowes, Marine, College, Paramount, Brook and many others. Cable TV did them all in.
Sad. I loved to go to the movies as a kid. Couldn't wait to turn 16 so we could sit in the balcony.

Ken 10-26-2016 10:27 PM
I was raised in Red Hook in the forties and fifties. The Pioneer was a great neighborhood theater. I remember it cost 13 cents for admission. I remember a Mr Nichols and a Mr Algers were the owners.I probably have the wrong spelling for Algers. It closed around 1958. I don't know why.It became a hiring hall for the ILA as I remember.The population of Red Hook was still sufficient to support the theater when it closed. I guess the ILA made the owners a good deal.

Shirley Kerrigan 10-28-2016 02:39 PM
It had the hardest seats. If you yelled too much Mr. Nicols (spelling?) would bang on the end seat with a cane. The screen had ice cream drippings on it and Marlon Brando moved in the movie and it was right on his eye. The ice cream was so frozen you couldn't eat it until you got home. However, it was fun, a safe place to go on a Saturday. and it was cheap!

frank c 10-31-2016 01:46 PM
Ken was right on the mark, I saw my very first film at the Pioneer, around about 1941

Shirley Kerrigan 11-29-2016 06:41 AM
Anna, I didn't mean to be offensive about the Pioneer, we saw so many great movies there and the price was great! Your father put up with a lot! We lived blocks away and what else could you ask for? He was a nice man and he had a lot to put up with.
8040) Elsie 
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Hi all

Visitation Church 98 Richards Street, Brooklyn is having a fundraiser on October 1, at 7:00 p.m. with the Roughdozen. A
group of men who sing A cappella. and they are very good. Refreshments will follow
Admission is 20.00 or pay what you can
All proceeds go to Visitation Church to
complete renovations on the church
Hoping to see you here at Visitation

8039) Ken 
Staten Island
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The old timers day picnic will on Saturday, September 17, 2016.Starts about 12 noon. Location is the VFW Post on Van Brunt St.Bet King and Sullivan Streets
Hope you all can make it.
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